Oct 30, 2015

A guide to riding train like a Japanese salaryman.

A guide to riding train like a Japanese salaryman. photo
Riding a train in Tokyo is not an easy task, especially during the rush hours. If you are living in Tokyo, you must know what it's like to be got pushed into the train. In summer, you can smell and touch the sweat from 10 different people around you. You may think it will get better during winter months, nope it turns out that the heaters on the train are on full blast that everyone are sweating and you can see it dripping off their face and almost drop on your shoes.

To ride comfortably on a busy train take some planning, each non bullet trains' car in Japan have 4 doors on each side. 

Rule #1: Avoid Door #1 and #4 because at each end there are reserved seats for the disabled, and older people.

Rule #2: Pack light! Unless you are looking for the ultra-jam-packed plus luggage experience train ride, please don't bring your rolling luggage on the train during rush hour. Imagine the train station's staff doing the sumo push while you are on the otherside with 10 people around you.
Rule #3: Plan your train route first! In Japan, multiple lines will use the same platform, so make sure you follow the route and get on the right train at the right time.



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