Mar 18, 2016

Hay Fever Survival Guide. Things that help you stop sneezing like crazy.

I didn't know I have allergy reaction for pollen until I came to Japan, I have not idea how that happen.
That explain why everyone in Japan wearing a mask, but I hate to wear a surgical mask because after an hour or so it start to get smelly and it didn't help my eyes because my eyes are itchy and watering.

Here are some tips that I learned:

  1. Wear a good surgical mask or better like the N95 respirators. I am serious, no joking.
  2. Use anti-allergic eyedrop, after using this my eyes stop watering.
  3. Take anti-allergic medicine, after using this medicine I don't have to any mask and still feel okay.


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  • CyclingFreak

    on Mar 19

    I've had hay fever all my life. It's a popular myth in Japan that only Japanese get hay fever, which is called 'kafun sho' in Japanese. The best explanation for this stupidity I've heard yet was that after WWII Japan imported and planted a lot of North Ameircan cedar trees and that somehow rag w**d came along with the trees as a package deal. So Japanese people's immune systems not being accustomed to these newly introduced pollinators were particularly succeptible. Anyway, having stuggled with this my whole life, I can tell you that a mask and eye drops will only help if your allergies are extremely mild. Mine certainly aren't. The best answer is over the counter allergy medicine--I most highly recommend Allergen, the one with the photo of of of the members of Arashi on the cover dressed in purple--or if you've got truly bad allergies as I do then you should go to a doctor and get a prescription for Claritin. I do use the eye drops though. I like the menthol ones. Just make sure that if you wear contacts that you get ones that are safe to use with your lenses. Mask? Never gonna happen. Short of a plague or air pollution emergency, you'll never see a mask on me.

  • KevinC

    on Mar 22

    @CyclingFreak I will try Allergen next time, mask never working for me either. I cannot stop sneezing even if I wear the mask without taking it off. Just wondering are you a member of Tokyo Cycling Club?