Jan 13, 2016

The winter is coming!

The winter is coming!  photo
This year Tokyo is a little bit warming then usual, and many ski/snowboard resorts cannot open due to lack of snowfalls. In Hokkaido, it is the opposite of Tokyo. The hug snowfall came a bit too early according to the local residents. Coming from Minnesota I know a little bit about driving on snow.

First things I will tell people that you don't need to use chain on your tires and in many state it is illegal to use chain on highway. Your should put in low gear to gain more traction. 

Second you should warmup your car before you drive it, and make sure your heater is off during warmup. 

 Third make sure you have some good tired.
The winter is coming!  photo
The winter is coming!  photo


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  • maynestacy

    on Jan 15

    Thank you. I am Canadian so used to plugging my car in overnight. I heard even Montreal and Ottawa are having an unseasonably warm winter with no snow, as well as places in the states like new york. We drove from tochigi to Kyoto and back for the 2016 New Years holiday, through gunma, Nagano, Gifu, shiga.....no snow this year! So interesting that besides it coming early, the snowfall in Hokkaido is as usual, so I guess the ice festival and ski resorts will have no problems.

  • KevinC

    on Jan 18

    @maynestacy I never see anyone use block heater in Japan, or see anyone warm up their car. Maybe Japanese change their car every 7 years, so they don't really care about their car's engine.