Sep 11, 2017

NHK is attacking!

NHK is attacking! photo

I have been living in Japan for the last 7 years, I never have a problem with the NHK collector. They usually come by once a year, and I usually told them that I don't have a television and they usually never visit my home until the next year.

Last January, I moved to a new apartment. I didn't expect that I will have to deal with the NHK collector at all. Around July, the collector starting ring my door bell every week for 2 months. I wasn't at home most of the time but the record show up in the door monitor. I never answer the door bell either even I am at home. Once they caught me in front of my apartment building but I told them I don't have a television and I also refuse to give them my apartment number.

Now, they are spamming my mail box. I am so angry!

Tell me your experience and what do you think?



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  • Cookievagabond

    on Sep 11

    Just Ignore them, shut the door in front of them and tell I do not have mobile living here for 2-3 months only :)

  • KevinC

    on Sep 11

    @Higgins Thanks for the correction, I never answer the door and they keep ringing my door bell every week, they catch me outside my aprtment and I didn't tell them my apartment number.