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Things that you can do after Tsukiji Fish Market.

One of the must do touristy things in Tokyo is visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in the morning, wake up around 4 am, hop on the cab and wait in line to see the tuna fish auction. 

After a busy morning, you must be tired and hungry, and it is time for some lunch. I recommend this restaurant in Shiodome Royal Park Hotel's 24th floor. 

This restaurant have a nice view of Tsukiji Fish Market and the food is really good. Their spicy seafood noodle is one of my favorite.
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Just how spicy?

So, am I right in saying that the current market will be moving in November next year (2016)?


In the scale of 1 to 10 Tabasco will be like 2 and this noodle is like 5. Yes, is it moving at that time.


@KevinC Tabasco only a 2! I need to adjust my scale. These noodles sound like they'll keep me warm in the winter!


@Tomuu Yes, It is a little bit spicy but the taste is really good.



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