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Cake in Japan is good but expensive!

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I think there's a lot more specialty shops visible as you travel around Japan, where you can get cakes that are made with care, so I agree with you there - Though I'd argue that if you went to a cake store (one that is not inside a walmart, but it's own little space) in the states you'd pay the same price or more for their fancy stuff too.

I will say Japan is really good at not overloading their cake recipes with sugar, so I feel better about getting a yummy treat that isn't totally rotting my teeth out of my skull.


If a cake that doesn't taste good in the US costs $30, and a delicious cake in Japan costs $48 (8 slices at $6 each), that sounds like an easy choice.
I rarely eat cakes, but there are much more affordable options (300 yen or so for two slices) available in supermarkets, although probably not as good.
As KP said, there are good cakes available in the US (but probably twice as sweet) for the same price as in Japan. (In Japan, we can also find all you can eat cake shops! I've heard that's a good deal but it sounds like it would induce a sugar coma.)
They look pretty anyway.


@KpQuePasa Yeah, for the same price I properly can find some cake shops that sell high qulity cake but I usually end up in Walmart because it is closer. In Japan almost every station have at least one cake shop nearby.

After living in Japan for 5 years I started to miss those cakes with icing all over it and peanut butter cupcake. Maybe I should start making it.


@helloalissa I went to one of those "sweet buffet" in Shinjuku and it cost like 2500 yen per person. The qulity is the same as Walmart's cake, will find another shop and give it a try again.


@KevinC You might like Costco's cake - they have really good prices (I think it was about $12 for a tall 8 slice chocolate cake) for cakes and pies if you're looking for the American style. I haven't tried Walmart cake, but I'm guessing the ones from Costco are better and cheaper. I'm gonna have to make friends with someone with a membership & car so I can get some pumpkin pie this fall.


@KevinC if you're in the Nagoya area, I'm an American baker. Just throwin' it out there. :) (


@KpQuePasa I am living in Tokyo, do you do mail order for cookies?


@KevinC Mail order is something I'd like to expand to one day soon, but the business is not quite there yet!



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