Aug 31, 2018

A bit of Nagasaki

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A bit of Nagasaki photo

A few years ago, we went to Nagasaki. We planned the trip with JTB or one of those big travel companies. Basically there was a person, in an office, surrounded by similar travel offices and we chose a random one. It was right outside a university cafeteria too.

On the day, we rode the Shinkansen most of the way. The ride was very smooth, as is to be expected by Shinkansen. After that, we rode a normal train with very nice leather seats.

I remember the view was stunning. I love the countryside and I always wish I could casually buy a summer house somewhere in the mountains (and have the financial security to have that not be a big deal). The trees, mountains and the nice mixture of bright green and bright blue really resonates with me on a deep level. Consequently, I am the person glued to the window on every train ride. It's too bad the Shinkansen runs too fast to properly enjoy the view, though. I bet the view is amazing. But then again, I also really enjoy sleeping on trains. The gentle movement knocks me right to sleep.

One day I will ride Japan from end to end using only the local trains. Some day…

We got to Huis Ten Bosch the same day. There were not that many people in the park on the day because it wasn't the correct season yet. Apparently tulips bloom in the spring or something and we decided to go in late autumn. Perfect timing for us though, because we aren't really people people. If we wanted people, we could have gone to Disneyland or something. The Dutch theme was really nice; a welcome change from Japan's Japan-ness. The windmill was also nice, as well as the viewing tower, where we could see most of the park and surrounding landscape. The park also had a nice light show in the evening and we could tandem-bike ride around the park. Very romantic.

Then we finally went to Nagasaki. To be honest, I could have ended the trip right now and it would have been worth it. The rest was like the extra chocolate dipping sauce on the already delicious ice cream sundae.

Nagasaki is a lovely place. We ate out, had a nice ocean view and went to see Meganebashi, the bridge that looks like glasses when reflected on the water.

After that, we went on a small trip to Hashima, otherwise known as Battleship Island. It was a great place, although a little bit disappointing as we weren't allowed even near the crumbling buildings. For “safety” reasons they say, but I think they just want to have the cool, scary buildings all to themselves.

Then we went home and stopped in Hiroshima just to get some Hiroshimayaki, which is just okonomiyaki with noodles. It is okay. Too bad I lost my book on the Shinkansen train. I guess they don't really care about the small stuff that gets lost. Oh well. Someone will find it and enjoy reading American Psycho, I guess.

I give this trip a 9 out of 10.



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  • genkidesu

    on Aug 31

    Beautiful! I'm headed to Nagasaki in October as well as some other prefectures in Kyushu and this makes me all the more excited for the trip!

  • Kasajizo

    on Sep 2

    @genkidesu Glad to be of help :D