Jan 23, 2019

Happiness in a bag

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Happiness in a bag photo

So every year after the holiday craze has gone down a bit, people fill the streets once again in search of a bargain.

I am unfortunate enough to be one of those people. Some things about it I hate, but others I really enjoy.

Historically for me, Lucky bags represent the biggest display of complacency I have ever seen. Most every person I see searching for these “Lucky” bags are on the hunt for maybe one or two specific items, but buy these bags filled with four or five items and get left with a lot of things they don’t really need or plan to own.

Case in point, I now have a head massager for the shower room and a flossing machine that shoots mouthwash between your teeth to clean them we got in Yodobashi Camera last year. I abhor massages and my teeth are aligned in such a way that I need piano wire to get between them. Nothing less than a power washer is going to get the job done.

…and yet, in this household, this is seen as a good deal…

THIS year we got smart (ok not really) but we limited ourselves with things we absolutely need. This frugal decision led to the purchase of three Mister Donut lucky things, one bag from Shimamura and some cakes from the AEON shopping mall.

I highly recommend the donut lucky bag from Mister Donut. It gives you a gift card (10 for 1000yen, 20 for 2000yen or 30 for 3000yen) but the price of each donut can go up to 175yen, meaning, if you choose the most expensive option every time, you win! Plus the stuff you get in the box is very nice. Last years it has been Snoopy, but this year, they teamed up with Pokemon. I do love Pokemon.



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