May 5, 2018

Pizza for dessert?!?

I am a simple man. I like my beef red, my chicken spicy and my Pokemon yellow. There are set things in this universe that we don`t go against. One such thing is pizza and what goes on pizza.

In the countries I`ve been to, you can get only the “normal” toppings. That is cheese, sausage, mushrooms, ham and if you are feeling completely sacrilegious, pineapple. Those are the things that most countries in the UN have accepted and are set in law.

Or so I thought! When I came to Japan, I was greeted with the strangest pizza experiences. There were toppings like shrimp, corn, mayonnaise and tuna. And I resisted. Oh how I resisted. I practically declared war on the pizza chains in Japan. I refused to deal with such nonsense as pizza split into four separate worlds, with different toppings in each “corner”

This all changed suddenly when I was introduced to dessert pizza.

My SO brought this pizza from Napori no Kama. We had just eaten a nice meal of fried chicken and potato salad, so I wasn`t prepared for any surprises. On my first bite, my whole world shattered into uncertainness and deliciousness.

The first pizza was strawberry flavored with a soft bread that was also kind of sweet. They completely complemented each other. And adding cream to the pizza raised it to levels beyond my imagining.

Pizza for dessert?!? photo

Pizza for dessert?!? photo

The second one was banana and chocolate. Although a bit drippy, it was completely worth it.

This is the top. After this there was no going back. Once I ate this, I could not with any self-respect say I`ve eaten pizza for dessert without surrendering all my prejudice about the aforementioned pizza toppings. It`s over. I love Big Brother!

Pizza for dessert?!? photo

The point of being in Japan (at least for me) is to experience new things. That means shedding my previous prejudices and being open to new things. This is not easy, but every time I am glad I do.

Just try it and see what I mean.



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