Jul 31, 2018

Living with little critters

I finally moved away from the city… into a different city. (Anything with a population over 100.000 people I consider a city). But the main difference between the two is still a mystery to me in a way.

My old dwelling was pretty center in Osaka city. Not quite inside the fabled loop-line circle, but still within the easily accessible area of Osaka station. There were cars driving, lots of high rises being built all around. My only mountain view was blocked after a 15 story apartment building was built across the street from me after the realtor had assured me that there were NO PLANS TO BUILD ANYTHING THERE! … I am not bitter. Just disappointed.

So when I moved to the new city, and summer finally came, I started to realize the place I had been living in might not have been the cleanest.

Sure, the streets are clear of trash from pedestrians and the streets are swept regularly, but what about the things that we don`t really see? What about air quality? What about the people quality? What about the sounds?

Living with little critters photo

The most obvious change, except for the glorious mountain view that I have every morning, is the spiders. Now, I hate bugs of all shapes and sizes. They tend to flock towards me, bump my head like it`s a damn lightbulb made of candy. BUT, after being disgusted with them for a few weeks, I realized I did not see a single spider outside or inside in my old place. And another epiphany revealed that the reason for that is that they can`t survive because there are no flies. Because the flies don`t survive the air pollution (note: I am not a scientist and have no proof for any of this).

So now I have a small bit of happiness knowing that I am in a relatively cleaner place, although I have to share it with a smorgasbord of tiny critters.



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