May 20, 2018

200 yen PS3 mystery box. Part 2

Like before, I bought a sealed thing with two PS3 games for 200 yen in TSUTAYA Book Garage. Last time, I got a baseball game and a Yakuza game, so I believe it was a fifty-fifty win for me.

The thing about these that is important to remember, is that they promise games worth 1000 yen. But who decides what is worth what? Surely not market forces or Ebay. I am sure they just choose games willy-nilly that they don`t sell, and say “this one is worth X amount of yen” and call it a day. And the baseball game from the previous set? I wouldn`t even buy it for 100 yen. It was not good. (The Yakuza game was pretty good though!)

Let`s see if luck is with me this time.

200 yen PS3 mystery box. Part 2 photo

Aaaaaand another baseball game. I feel like I am visiting the word はずれ again and again with these games.

I have seen people play this game on their iphones in the train. I can`t imagine the enjoyment, but I will give it a chance.

The other one?

200 yen PS3 mystery box. Part 2 photo

Hatsume Miku game… Oh dear….

I think this game will stay in the box. Who knows, maybe I can find someone willing to pay 1000 yen for it.

It`s worth at least that much!



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  • Tomuu

    on May 21

    Ouch! That's bad luck! Still, I guess in Japan you've got to be ready for plenty of baseball / Hatsune Miku rejects, and at 200 yen you might as well give it a go. I'm betting that next time (if there is one) it'll be a copy of "Winning Eleven"!