May 19, 2018

200 yen PS3 mystery box

I can`t resist a good mystery. Be it in dramas or in real life. I am a sucker for chance, even if I know I am getting scammed in some way. I may have a problem…

Anyway, I went to this place called TSUTAYA Book Garage recently, and it`s pretty neat. It has a pretty big selection of books and manga for 100 yen and a video game selection as well.

What caught my eye though was this wrapped up box near the entrance that said used PS3 games. You can`t see what games are in there, and each box costs 200 yen. But they promise games worth 1000 yen. I just had to have it.

200 yen PS3 mystery box photo

Who knows, maybe they have some games I wouldn`t consider playing myself unless I have them. I judge games by their cover. And it`s only 200 yen, so not so much of a dent in my wallet.

The suspension is killing me….

200 yen PS3 mystery box photo

A baseball game… Wooo…

I guess I could learn baseball by playing this…?

200 yen PS3 mystery box photo

And the other one…. A Yakuza game. Actually this one looks pretty interesting. I am definitely going to play this one.

All in all, I think it was worth the 200 yen.



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