Jul 31, 2018

Pokemon is still cool, you guys!

Hey! Did you know Pokemon is still cool? People who play Pokemon are still cool, hip and ‘with it’ as we say.

Ok, I kid, but recently I have been looking into the Pokemon Center stores around Japan and it has started to become more and more appealing. And I don`t mean that from just a nostalgia perspective (although I do admit that the original 151 Pokemon are the best and if you think differently we`ll have a Pokemon battle right there and then to settle it!) but it`s just so … very… positive somehow. And it`s so varied as well. I mean, take your classic fan of any genre of media (read: nerd/otaku/geek etc) and you can find a subgenre of Pokemon to fit most of those things.

Pokemon is still cool, you guys! photo

For the anime fan, there is (you guessed it) the Pokemon anime. There are hundreds of episodes to watch, lots of movies that are still coming out with different styles of animation, ranging from cool 3d battles to the simple drawing style that is recently surfacing.

For the cuteness fan there is a wide variety of soft, cuddly plush animals to purchase and most items for everyday life can be Pokemon themed at some point. Chopsticks, table ware, candies, food, pillows etc. And every so often they update their range of products to feature other Pokemon (if you are not into Pikachu or Eevee).

For the gamer there are the Pokemon games. They are right now releasing so many Pokemon games it`s hard to keep up with all of them (my wallet can only take so much punishment).

And lastly, we have the Pokemon trading cards, for the collectors. Remember when everyone had Pokemon cards and no one knew how to play? I`m pretty sure my old cards would be pretty valuable now (if my parents hadn`t thrown them away). Right now there are tournaments for people who like to create their own decks and play. It`s very open and you can win pretty valuable stuff. (One tournament I saw had a card as a prize, valued about 200.000yen!)

If you can get back into the world of Pokemon, you can definitely find something to satisfy your obsessions. I know I did. My Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattata!



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