Oct 17, 2018

How to overcome Language barrier in any part of the world (日本語)

How to overcome Language barrier in any part of the world (日本語) photo


I could still remember the first time I arrived in Japan and couldn't even ask for direction. The only words I knew in Japanese were ばか、わたし、じかん、ごみ. I'm currently taking Japanese classes and since then my Japanese has greatly improved and I'm really starting to take a liking to the language.

Japanese is the third hardest language in the world and even though a lot of methods have been incorporated to help people learn Japanese faster, ummmmm even though it's still a lot of work. Japanese is a one of a kind language tracing it back to its history.

How do I overcome this barrier and speak Japanese faster or more confidently??

Well, from my experience here are some steps you can take if you are just diving into the Japanese language for the first time. Also, if you wanted to know when I started learning Japanese I was not so confident and I almost failed my Japanese class but through the power of anime memes, I was able to overcome (that was a silly joke). F.Y.I- I'm bad at making jokes.

1) Make Mistakes: Like all the old philosophers and scholars of thought and reasoning. Remember life's greatest lessons are learned by making the worst mistakes, in this case, a lot of japan-English mistakes will be very common when starting out.

Do not be discouraged and keep talking with your Japanese friends and try to speak Japanese anywhere you go. Literally, take your dictionary and try to form sentences or use what you learn so in the future you can get acquainted with speaking more confidently. Also, you might want to learn something new every day, like a new word or new sentence structure. 

2) Use media or any Japanese related content: Start out small, take baby steps. There are so many resources you can exploit to increase your learning speed but always start out small. Word of advice if you are not going to language school and you do not know where to start reading or researching from It's always a good notion to...

3) Ask Questions and seek advice: If you don't feel confident about anything always ask questions and if you are not sure of anything always seek advice from friends but it is much more advisable to seek tutorial help if urgently needed. 

Since my stay here I noticed Japanese people try to be humble and speak English and I guess that sometimes makes people speak less Japanese even to Japanese people. It would help to tell your friends and colleagues to always communicate in Japnese to you because it goes a long way to help.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it was helpful to you. The steps mentioned above can also be applied to learn any other language in the world. Stay positive and remember nothing can stop you from reaching that goal, not even a language barrier.

How to overcome Language barrier in any part of the world (日本語) photo