Feb 22, 2017

My Favourite Japanese Bread - Nice Stick

When I was in Kindergarten back in Hong Kong as a little boy, my mom would often buy me this sweet creamy bread from the Yamazaki bakery. I loved it so much, but once I moved to Canada, the same bread was, of course, nowhere to be found.

My Favourite Japanese Bread - Nice Stick photo

Fast forward, 17 years later when I came to Japan for work, walking around the supermarket on my second day in the country and there it was. "Nice Stick", by Yamazaki, selling for 93yen. And that was the moment that I thought "I will survive in this country."

My Favourite Japanese Bread - Nice Stick photo

The long stick of soft bread has a creamy and sweet margarine inside. It is easy to eat on the go and the sweetness reminds me of my childhood. Despite its seemingly inappropriate name (especially when you read it quickly) and its appropriately wrong shape and ingredients, this bread is still my go-to whenever I'm grabbing a supermarket bread for a quick breakfast or snack. Forget all the seasonal flavours though, the original is the best.

Please do give it a try the next chance you see it!

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  • mica

    on Feb 23

    I agree, childhood tastes are the best! The tongue remembers... ;)

  • kcsantosh

    on Mar 1

    I agree, this is my favorite too.

  • Jackson

    on Mar 3

    @kcsantosh *high-five*