Apr 5, 2019

Toughest Gummy in Japan?

As a fan of gummy candies, my top criticism towards ones in Japan would be that they are not tough enough. Just a few chomps in, and they are already broken into bits. That is why Haribo is my go to, but I wish Japan has some tougher gummies too.

Enters.... well, Tough Gummy!

Toughest Gummy in Japan? photo

The name itself cannot be any clearer. It is from my experience the toughest gummy you can get. The 3 flavours (cola, soda and ginger ale) are good but not great, and I always enjoy the later of sourness coating each gummy. It satisfies me well when I want something to chew on.

One more good point is that the bag is quite heavy. 100g for about 180yen, I know I will not be running out anytime soon.



Games, manga, and ramen. Those three things make up my Tri-force lol.

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  • Tomuu

    on Apr 5

    Ahhh, man! I love these things. And they do do what they say on the packet. They've got to be so bad for you teeth though! Use with restraint, I say!