Jul 1, 2018

Summer Mold, EWWW

During my early days in Japan, every mistake was a learning experience. I never lived alone before coming to this country, so many things that were considered "common sense" by locals were not yet in my head, such as the disaster that I found under my futon... story time!

Upon moving into my first tiny apartment, someone from my company brought me to the nearby home center to buy some living essentials, including a futon, a thin mattress pad, and a pillow.

The mattress pad was definitely not thick. My back could feel the floor, but since I was new to "living alone", I thought I would get used to it, and I did.

Summer Mold, EWWW photo

My futon was my spot of paradise after every day of work. I would go home, lay down on my futon and pillows and start watching TV or YouTube. I didn't have any chairs or real sofas, nor did I have the space or money for that. The futon with the pillow was quite soft anyway, so I spend hours on the futon every day.

Fast forward 4 months later, and maybe you can already see where this story is heading, I was doing some cleaning around my house with my newly bought vacuum cleaner. I vacuumed around the apartment and when it was time for where I slept, I lifted up the mattress pad for the first time, and......

Pitch dark. Molds everywhere. I was staring at a whole layer of hell.

I had never thought about the humidity of Japan plus how I wasn't elevated, so my body heat and sweat went through the thin padding and were trapped under the pad for months for the mold to grow. No pictures are included for good reasons.

Trust me, it was disgusting. It took me hours to wipe and clean the spots up. I threw the mattress pad out and bought a new one, and from then on, I made sure I made the bed in the morning plus place some cardboard underneath, thinking that the extra layer would help with ventilation and moisturization.

Learning how to live, one mistake at a time.

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