Jan 30, 2019

Reconsidering My Gacha Addiction

Recently I went into Book-Off, and while browsing which of the many tiny toys am I going to bring home this time, I started reconsidering my addiction for gacha-games.

One the rack, there was this full set of Doraemon fluffy keychains, being sold at 108 yen each.

Reconsidering My Gacha Addiction photo

If I was to get them individually from gachapon, it would have been 200 yen each, so 800 yen total. That is, IF I somehow get all 4 in just 4 rolls. If it took 10 times, that is 2000 yen for the same items that I could just buy for 432 yen from Book-Off.

Yes, it does take away the excitement of opening it from the capsule, and that is where a big part of the fun is from. However, I do have to reconsider how often I do gacha again, for the sake of my wallet.



Games, manga, and ramen. Those three things make up my Tri-force lol.