Jan 28, 2017

Inuyama Castle - Standing Tall since 1620

Thanks to video game series like "Samurai Warriors", "Sengoku Basara" and "Nobunaga's Ambition", my interest in Japanese sengoku history has made its foundation long before I came to Japan. Throughout my visits to Japanese castles all over the country in search of the path of the samurai, Inuyama Castle remains being my favourite.

Inuyama Castle - Standing Tall since 1620 photo

Standing tall on a little hill overlooking the beautiful Kiso River, the castle is one of the rare few in Japan that remains in its original form, while many other castles have been destroyed in war or by natural disasters throughout history.For that reason, it is listed as one of Japan's National Treasures.

Inuyama Castle - Standing Tall since 1620 photo

The little castle is 19m high, which is not very tall for a castle. But thanks for its locale on top of the hill, the view from the observation deck is magnificent!

Inuyama Castle - Standing Tall since 1620 photo

Look at that! Absolutely stunning.

If you're travelling around the Chuubu area of Japan and you're interested in Japanese history and traditional architect, Inuyama Castle is a must-see!

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  • DaveJpn

    on Jan 28

    First time to hear about this place. The view of the river looks nice. Is there much to see in the surrounding area, I wonder?

  • Jackson

    on Jan 29

    The surrounding is an extremely peaceful town, which is to say it is rather boring lol. Good thing is that Inuyama isn't hard to reach from Nagoya or Gifu, so it's a nice half-day trip if you're around that area.