Mar 26, 2019

Update: Fighting Hay Fever with Yogurt

In a previous post 2019: Fighting Each Season, I talked about my plan of eating yogurt to fight the hay fever, and here is a quick update.

Since January, I have been eating 1/3 or 1/2 jar of the bibitas yogurt every day. It was said that the yogurt would build up your immune system so that you would not be affect by pollen as much.

Update: Fighting Hay Fever with Yogurt photo

Now that it is near the end of March, I have found myself to be sneezing much less than the same time last year. I know that the worse has yet to come, but at least it seems to be working so far!

However, since I cannot stand the sour yogurt by itself, I have been eating it with a lot of cereal, and that makes it more expensive and is increasing my sugar intake. Give and take, I guess?



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