Sep 26, 2018

7 Benefits from My New Green Tea Habit

Since I began writing for this series on Shizuoka Green Tea, making and drinking green tea has become a regular habit. With this habit, there are also several benefits I can relate to, and perhaps would make you consider it too.

1.    Cools me down

One big reason why I got so into drinking the cold green tea I made at home was because of how hot this summer has been. With the green already chilled in my fridge, it was the easy go-to when I wanted, or rather, needed something to lower my body temperature and resolve my thirst.

2.    Skips my sugar

Related to the point above, I used to rely on soda to do the job, which meant a lot more sugar intake. The habit was hard to cut because of how delicious those sweetened drinks are, even though I knew they were no good for my body at all. The habit of drinking green tea instead has replaced that reliance on soda. I wanted something that is not water, and green tea could accomplish just that.

3.    Saves money

This is huge and I wrote another article calculating the ridiculous amount of money I saved by making the tea myself instead of buying them in bottles from stores. It is very cheap (and easy to make) compared to other bottled drinks too, so not only has the green tea been good for my body, but it is treating my wallet well too.

7 Benefits from My New Green Tea Habit photo

4.    Gives me energy

After drinking green tea, my body honestly feels better. Maybe it is because of the antioxidants or the nutrients from green tea, and it could very much be a placebo effect, but if I feel energized from it, I am not going to question it.

(By the way, is it still a placebo effect if I know that it is placebo?)

5.    Environmental friendly

I have been giving more and more thoughts into sustainable living and environmental issues lately, so I was very glad that this new habit of mine supports it well. I cut down on my plastic bottles usages, and with the green tea I buy, there is no fancy individual packages or tea bags, saving a lot of plastic. I can simply pour the tea leaves into my drinking cup, put cold water in, and done.

6.    There and ready

Since it is now a habit, every time a bottle of tea green is finished, I simply add more cold water (and maybe tea leaves too) into my drinking jar, and back into the fridge it went. This means that whenever I want some green tea, it is there and ready in my fridge at home or at work. I have no need to walk to the vending machine or konbini for it (not that I would want to pay the price anyway).

7.    A hot topic

And lastly, it became a conversation piece when I bring my transparent cup around with the green tea. People around me comment on how smart it is to brew my own tea, or that they want to pick it up too. It helps me connect with the people around me, a side effect I never expected.

The green tea habit has been giving me more and more benefits that I am drinking it very regularly. To keep up with how much I drink, my latest order was this 5-pack set of Shizuoka tea. For 378yen per 100g, it is quite reasonable, and it lasts me a good while. The flavour is calming yet rich, and I quite like it. I added a link below:

¥ 1,890 (¥ 378 / 本)
葉桐 良く出る静岡茶 まとめてお得な5本セット 100g×5本入 
by 葉桐 
Permalink: http://amzn.asia/d/eZl5CFQ

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