Jan 10, 2019

Carbonated Jelly Soda!

This is easily my new favourite drink in Japan: The JELLY SPARKLING!

It is a combination of my favourite things when I look for a sweet drink after a meal or for a happiness boost. The little can contains the perfect mix of carbonated soda, jelly, and also chewy coconut jelly! It blew my mind how the three very stimulating feelings/texture match so perfectly.

Carbonated Jelly Soda! photo

A can is about 100yen, and while it is smaller than a bottle of soda, the satisfaction you can get is levels above.

Just make sure you shake it 10 times before opening it. Anything less might result in big chunks of jelly that does not come out, and way over would just break down all the jelly into tiny slimes.

Give it a try!



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