May 9, 2017

5 Places to go on Rainy Days

Finally the long-waited weekend is coming. You are about to call up your date to set up a fun time together, but before you dialled, you checked the weather forecast and…. Oh snap, it’s going to rain throughout the weekend…

Don’t let that get you down. This is Japan, and Japan offers you plenty of indoor fun that you can spend a whole day in without needing to get yourselves wet. Here are my top 5 picks (in no particular order):

1.    Karaoke
If you and your crew enjoy projecting your voice and soul through music, karaoke is definitely for you. Virtually established EVERYWHERE in Japan, you can sing to your hearts’ content at any chain you can find. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean songs and more, once you’re in the room with the mic in your hand, language barrier is no longer an issue.
5 Places to go on Rainy Days photo

Better yet, you can order food and drinks right then and there, so there’s no need to run under the pouring rain to get food. If this is your thing, go for Free Time and sing for up to 10 hours nonstop. Also, karaoke is just as fun alone. Trust me on this one.

2.    Movie
The good old typical first-date choice is of course a practical option on a rainy day. Not only are you protected by shelter and air-conditioning, when you and your partner(s) are watching the latest action flick and the main hero kicking butts, who cares what the weather is like outside anymore? Sure the popcorn and soda might be overpriced, but you’re ensured a safe and dry entertainment, so it’s hard to say no!

3.    Crane games
I’m sure you know of the UFO catchers, don’t you? These little machines with prizes locked away behind the glass windows are there to challenge you right in the face, so you will put in coin after coin until you get the latest Pikachu plushie. For a skilled catcher, however, you won’t need a whole lot but you can walk out with a handful. On a rainy day, go find a machine with your favourite prizes and hone your skills.
5 Places to go on Rainy Days photo

4.    Arcade
Most often than not, arcade games are in the same building with a wide collection of crane machines. Arcade gaming is no longer bounded to the traditional image of joystick and insanely fast reactive button inputs to counter the enemy’s fireball, but nowadays, you can find plenty of games friendly to beginner gamers. Music games like Taiko no Tatsujin is a popular choice. Mario Kart is another great option. There is also a Luigi Mansion arcade game recently. All these choices are not only fun, but you can play them with a friend so you can share the joy!

5.    Bowling
If you are looking for something more skill-based and (slightly) more active, head to a bowling center for a couple of rounds of bowling. No need to worry about gears, as you can rent everything you will need at the bowling alley. How much time you will spend there depends on how fast you bowl, so it’s also a great location to sit, chill and socialize as you applause and/or laugh at your friend’s toss. Rain won’t affect you here at all.
5 Places to go on Rainy Days photo

There are other choices but I picked these five because they are everywhere in Japan, no matter if you’re in the heart of a city or somewhere more rural. Either way, you can have plenty of fun at these places without letting the rain ruin your day off. Enjoy!


  • DaveJpn

    on May 11

    Some nice choices. I'd like to pick up on the bowling thing. Where I'm from it's normal to just pick any bowling ball available that gets spat out of the 'conveyor belt' thingy at the head of each lane. Nobody cares. In Japan, it seems like everyone has a ball that they've picked as theirs, so when I just waltzed in and started randomly using difference balls, I got some pretty foul stares! Oops. Something to be aware of. I don't know what the system is in other countries.

  • Tomuu

    on May 12

    I'm going with movie. Or I might add 'manga kissa' to this list.

  • Jackson

    on May 15

    @DaveJpn Last time I went, my friends and I each picked one ball that was filling for our weight and stuck to it, and I've never bowled elsewhere. So I just learned something about bowling cultural differences!

  • Jackson

    on May 15

    @Tomuu Oh manga kissa is a good one! I still don't understand how the quiet and walled off booths can be a social experience, but couples do often go there together for some personal space.