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Kamelon-pan - Delicious Turtle Cuteness

I love Japanese bakeries. They are always so creative in how to make their already delicious bread even more appealing.

On one of my visits, I walked through the bakery inside the supermarket again. Although I knew I wasn't buying anything right before dinner time, it always puts a smile on my face when I see they come up with something new.

And this time, what I saw was absolutely adorable.

Look at how adorable these little turtles are. Laying on the sheet, waiting to be picked up for just about 180yen each. How can you not want to bring them home?

And their name! Kame (turtle) + melon-pan (the name of the delicious bread) = Kamelon-pan. While many may facepalm to such oyaji humour, I loved it. The taste may have been standard, but that's obviously not the reason why I bought it.

The biggest issue with such a cute delicacy is of course, where do you start eating, if you can bring yourself to devour it at all.

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They look too cute :)


Good question; where to start eating!?

These look super cute.


@DaveJpn Exactly! I usually start with the tail because I can't bear seeing a headless turtle haha


@Babina Yea! How can you not buy it when you see them laying around? I'm glad I did :)


@Jackson Nice choice.



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