Nov 20, 2018

2 of 8 Doraemon Eggs: Dokodemo Door

Another couple of weeks have passed, so it was time for me to reward myself for the hard work by opening a Doraemon Egg with the surprise toy.

FINALLY, I GOT DORAEMON!!!! Well... kinda.....

2 of 8 Doraemon Eggs: Dokodemo Door photo

I am not very happy with this one, because it gave me this 2D Doraemon printed on a transparent plastic, rather than an actual Doraemon.

The bigger issue I got with it is the fact that the door is small, much smaller than the standard size of the other models of the same series. It doesn't quite fit in when I have it displayed.

Here is to hope that the next one is a real Doraemon figure.



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