Jul 26, 2018

Mini Beer: the Perfect Size for Me

A colleague and I recently had a conversation. We both are not big drinkers, and he said "the most delicious beer is the first three sips, then the beer does nothing for me after that." I kinda agree. I was never a beer person (grew up drinking wine out of my mom's glass during dinner time) and after coming to Japan, it had been umeshuu all the way until a beer master friend taught me how to enjoy beer. But even with his enlightenment, I am still not huge into beer, and while the beer after a freshly opened can is sweet, 350mL is too much for me to enjoy all the way, let alone people drinking 500mL cans.

Mini Beer: the Perfect Size for Me photo

So I was very delighted when I found this mini can of asahi in the supermarket. One, I almost never drink asahi Super Dry because of the price (so I always buy those 100 yen haposhu which, I know, is not beer), and two, this can is only 250mL, which means I get to enjoy the first few sips of the beer without having to force the rest down, especially after they begin to warm up.

Being 166 yen per can from the supermarket I found it at, I thought it is reasonable enough for me to treat myself to a real brew. It definitely was great for me because by the time I have had enough of the beer, it was near the end already. Maybe I wouldn't mind a 200mL can either. I know, for many of my friends and you guys out there who can hold your beer well, this is little to nothing. It's just a blink of an eye, but for me, someone learning to appreciate beer and trying to, this size was perfect for me.



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