Oct 17, 2018

Stink-less Garlic

At a local Yokohama-iekei style ramen shop, I saw something on the counter that I had never seen in other shops before.

There were two jars of garlic, one labeled “garlic”, and another labeled “stink-less/scent-less garlic”. The supposedly stinkless garlic is the type that we usually see, whereas their “normal” one was this beautiful turquoise color that we might hesitate from putting into our mouths. I tried it, of course, a whole lot of it.

Stink-less Garlic photo

The two both went well with the ramen, but the turquoise garlic definitely had a much stronger punch. I was certain that I stunk until the next morning because of it. It was nice for the ramen shop to offer the two types, one for customers who plan to social with people after their meal, and the other for customers like me who stays home and stink all night afterwards.



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