Mar 9, 2017

The little secret of supermarket carts

For years in Japan, I never knew this little trick until I saw someone do it...

The little secret of supermarket carts photo

Did you know that the small supermarket shopping carts are designed so that the height can fit right above the table where you pack your groceries?

The little secret of supermarket carts photo

BOOM! Just like that, and the little space-saver cart is now right beside you at the table. You don't need to twist your body around to reach for the pack of pork and the head of lettuce just to twist yourself back again to stuff them into your bag!

More importantly, the cart is no longer sitting behind me and tripping everyone who is walking out from the supermarket. It's both space-efficient and good manners. If you didn't know that, give it a try next time!~


  • edthethe

    on Mar 10

    Not all of them are like this, but if there is space under the table, then it's worth the try to push the cart in!

  • kcsantosh

    on Mar 10


  • Kasajizo

    on Mar 12

    Dude! I know, right?!? I was so proud when I figured it out!

  • Jackson

    on Mar 16

    @Kasajizo Yeah!!! *high-five*