May 17, 2019

Hotaru ika: Firefly Squids

"Hey Jackson, do you eat hotaru ika?"

"What is that???"

"Hotaru ika. Um..., firefly squid?"


I was given a box of firefly squid for dinner. These tiny squids are boiled and are supposed to be served with freshly grind ginger (which was given to me too. Thanks!) and soysauce.

Hotaru ika: Firefly Squids photo

It looks kinda creepy and it is definitely weird to think that in one bite I bit into an entire squid, but they are extremely soft and if you like the squishy parts of shellfish, there is plenty.

Hotaru ika: Firefly Squids photo

I did not finish the whole case as that is quite a lot of baby squids I would have just eaten, but it is good and would be even better when I eat the rest with a drink.

Firefly squid. Another new thing in Japan I have now tasted!



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