Feb 19, 2019

Kenchan - "The Men's Tofu"

The first time I bought this tofu was because of its strange packaging. Kenchan, the Kyoto men's tofu, and they got this fabulous man winking at you.

Kenchan - "The Men's Tofu" photo

Okay, despite its questionable image and weird packaging, this is one of the best tofu you can get for a reasonable price. It is sold for about 100 yen for the 3 packs, and what you get is this extremely creamy soft tofu that tastes great right out of the package. The package also gives you some simple items on how to dress it up for more flavours.

Instead of the standard tofu blocks, I highly recommend you to give Kenchan a try for quality and affordable tofu. I still do not understand the packaging though.



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