Mar 29, 2019

Chingensai vs. Salad Chingensai

Chingensai, or bok choi is one of my favourite vegetables. I like how meaty and crunchy it is. At the supermarket, I saw that they were selling "salad chingensai", so I picked one up to test out how different it is from normal chingensai.

Chingensai vs. Salad Chingensai photo

The package claimed that it is less bitter, so it is more suitable for raw consumption. I gave it a taste right out of the bag and sure enough, it did feel less bitter! However, it was also less sweet, so I guess the flavour overall the lessen.

The crunchiness was top notch though, perfect for salad. One more thing I realized was that these chingensai had much less dirt than the usual, making the washing process much easier! Now THAT is a very good reason to keep me buying the salad chingensai!



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