Oct 17, 2018

Drinking Hoppy didn't make me Happy

I finally tried this cheap "beer" that I see sold everywhere. Hoppy, which is apparently popular for nostalgic reasons, can be found easily for something between 100-150 yen. I have even seen an izakaya offer that on their menu. So I tried it...

Drinking Hoppy didn't make me Happy photo

... and it was terrible. It tasted like some super watered-down beer that someone put ice in and let the ice melt too. It was cheap, sure, but the taste was not enjoyable in any sense. Basically it wasn't satisfying.

However, Hoppy is 8%, so a bottle of 330mL that tastes more like water might be an easy option for those looking for a easy method to get drunk. The bottle looks like a beer too. I can see it as an easy option for weaker drinkers trying to fit in, but I won't be Hoppy-ing anytime again soon.



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