Dec 14, 2017

Butter Chicken Curry Bun

Winter is the perfect season for convenience store meat buns! Many chains are doing 100yen sales, and these steaming buns act as both food and a hand warmer. 

Butter Chicken Curry Bun photo

But sometimes you want something unconventional, and the usual meat just doesn't make the cut, so today, I got a butter chicken curry meat bun from mini stop from Mini Stop for 118 yen. It was so warm that my hands immediately unfroze from holding it.

Butter Chicken Curry Bun photo

I wish there was more meat, but the flavour was plenty. What's more is that the meat bun was actually kinda spicy, which is rare in Japan. As I ride around town with my scooter, I will definitely pick up more of these to warm myself up.