Jan 24, 2017

Janken for Fried Shrimp? YES!

"Janken (rock,paper, scissors) with our staff.

If you WIN, you get 4 extra fried shrimps for FREE!"

I read that ad in the local magazine for this little seafood restaurant inside the fish wholesale market in Ageo city of Saitama and was instantly intrigued. Play rock, paper, scissors for free food? That idea itself is funny enough for me to make a visit.

Janken for Fried Shrimp? YES! photo

At this little shop with the most laid-back atmosphere I've ever entered, I presented the coupon to the staff and she smiled and said "Only one attempt, a draw is a loss. Are you ready?" At a 33.3% probability for victory, luck was on my side and my scissors beat her paper!

Janken for Fried Shrimp? YES! photo

"Here you are, you Champion of the Galaxy!" (She didn't actually say that.)

And wow, was I not prepared for this! I was so focused on winning the shrimp, I totally forgot to mention above that the meal itself included a negitoro (minced fatty tuna and green onion) rice bowl, a bowl of miso soup cooked with crab, and 4 very promising-looking fried shrimp. That's before you win and net yourself the double shrimp bonus, and the meal was only 1300yen! What. A. Steal!

That meal was definitely the most unique dining experience I've had alone in Japan, and the only one time that me winning at janken rewarded me with something delicious! (Note: I lost all the other times I revisited the shop. She must have seen through my technique.)

Here is the restaurant if you want to go try it yourself.


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  • KevinC

    on Jan 24

    Where is this restaurant?

  • Jackson

    on Jan 24

    @KevinC The name is Hanaichi inside the Omiya Fish Market. I've added a link in the article that will take you to their homepage :)

  • KevinC

    on Jan 24

    @Jackson Thanks for the information!