Mar 22, 2019

Matcha Jelly: SKIP this one

Take my word for it, the Matcha Jelly by Ito en is really bad.

When I saw it, I lost my common sense to my curiosity and picked it up. Sweeten green tea jelly in a bottle...? You would be intrigued too, would you not?

Matcha Jelly: SKIP this one photo

This jelly that asks you to shake 10 times before opening slowly was a big disappointment. The jelly was very flavour-less as if I was having a bottle of water-jelly, and it ended with the bitter aftertaste of matcha. Sure, it was sweetened, but still not that sweet. It definitely is not what you look for when you get a can of jelly. The texture was rather inconsistent as well. Overall, it was just really really strange and I was not sure what I was drinking exactly.

Matcha Jelly: SKIP this one photo

Also, it turned my tongue green. I should not have been drinking this at work...

So yea, SKIP IT!



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