Mar 25, 2019

Easy Chinese "Shark Fin" Soup

While the whole work is moving away from eating shark fin, Japan still hasn't dropped its image of shark fin soup as a Chinese food.

I think it is clear that no one really enjoys eating the shark fin, but it is done only for the novelty. Shark fin has no flavour anyway, so the soup is basically a chicken broth.

Easy Chinese "Shark Fin" Soup photo

With that said, I really do enjoy these "chicken broth" because it is one of the easiest meals I can make in Japan for an authentic flavour. There are many brands of these packages for you to add water, boil, and add an egg for a rich soup with a good consistency.

I would also add some vegetables to make it healthier. This makes a great meal during the cold seasons.

Easy Chinese "Shark Fin" Soup photo

The only thing is that it still "includes shark fin", which might be one tiny string that I never found plus the thin noodles that kinda look like shark fin. and I wish they will just drop the shark fin all together and just have the soup as a Chinese soup.



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