Feb 18, 2019

Factory’s Makanai Green Tea

Recently I came across this very interesting pack of green tea at the local supermarket. The name of it was “the Tea Factory’s Makanai Green Tea”. Makanai, if you have never heard of it, usually refers to the meal that the people working at a restaurant or food-related workplace get to eat for free. The package also says “the tea leaves may be small and not uniform, but we drink this every single day at the tea factory, and this is a flavour that we never get bored of”. On top of that, it also says that the tea is “sent directly from the tea factory in Shizuoka”.

Factory’s Makanai Green Tea photo

The idea of getting to taste what the tea factory workers enjoy every day was pretty cool and I was immediately sold. For about 700 yen, this heavy bag of 320 grams green tea was definitely worth the price just based on its quantity. I was paying roughly 300 yen per 100 gram on the cheap side, often double for the nicer things, so if this tea was satisfying, this would make me and my wallet happier for sure.

I bought a bag to try, and when I opened it for a sniff, the tea flavour filled my senses. Having a big bag like this in front of me sure is different. I took a spoon to see how “small and un-uniform” the leaves were, and to my surprise, they did not appear as “un-presentable” as the package may have made it seem. This is Japan after all. Even the makanai that was designed for internal use is still pretty nice and enjoyable.

Factory’s Makanai Green Tea photo

I brew the tea and the colour seemed muddier than usual, despite me putting the same amount in as I always do, and I believe this is due to the smaller tea dust getting through the tea mesh.

Flavour-wise, this is more on the light and refreshing side than the rich and hearty side. The smell does not flourish as much after it is brewed, but the taste is clear and vibrant. It is definitely good tea, and I envy the tea workers who get to enjoy it every day for free. I agree that this would be a flavour that I will not get bored of anytime soon. It is pretty cool that they are proud of it enough to share it with the market.

In fact, I enjoyed the tea so much that I brought the pack to work to share with my co-workers. This will not be replacing all the green tea I drink, especially since the richer and more bitter type is preferable once in a while. However, for the quantity that it is, I will always keep stock of this makanai tea from a Shizuoka green tea factory.

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