Dec 1, 2017

Doraemon Egg-Surprise!

Recently I've been really into these chocolate eggs. Not for the chocolate, but for the prize inside.

Doraemon Egg-Surprise! photo

As a huge, HUGE fan of Doraemon, this series of collectables with 16 different figures meant that I had to try my luck.

Doraemon Egg-Surprise! photo

The chocolate itself is like the good-old Kinder Surprise. Too sweet for chocolate fans; who-cares for kids and toy-fans.

Doraemon Egg-Surprise! photo

One cool thing about this collection is that many rare characters like Jai-ko and even Dekisugi are included! Where else can you get a Dekisugi!?

Doraemon Egg-Surprise! photo

Unfortunately for me, while I was hoping for a rare character or a Doraemon, I've been getting repeats of the future gadget collections. After 4 tries at 200yen an egg (which for the same price, I could have bought 4 dozens of real eggs), I had to give up.

Someday, Dekisugi, someday.