Jun 19, 2019

Lemony and Minty Gummy not Yummy

This is one of my bad experiences with snacks in Japan. Sold by the cool package of an alien, I bought this lemon gummy without reading that it contains methanol. If it is a drink, lemon plus mint would be refreshing. However, as a gummy snack that also has a crunchy candy shell to contrast with the soft gummy, the outcome is just... strange.

Lemony and Minty Gummy not Yummy photo

It is not disgusting as I did eventually down them all, but I did also pass it around for a second and third opinion, and everyone gave me this confused face going "why did you give this to me?", despite my warning.

So yea, this is definitely one to skip... except I bought the grape flavour one too that I have not opened yet...



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