Apr 1, 2018

'One-Man' Train

I'm riding on this train that is uniquely labelled a 'one-man' train, which has o my two cars, and the driver of the train also checks your ticket when you get off.

'One-Man' Train photo

Why? Because the train goes to some super rural locations where the stations are simply unguarded with no gates or personnel to check your ticket (or to touch your IC cards). So when you get off, you can only get off through the very front door from the first car.

'One-Man' Train photo

As I watch from the train, there are many other travellers like me who don't know how this works. Even though they announce it  before every stop, many people still stand in front of a door waiting for it to open, only to realize that they had to get to the front of the train. Then they'd run because if they miss the chance to get off, it'll be a long way and a long wait to get back using these rural trains.



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  • JTsuzuki

    on Apr 1

    Wow! I guess I've never taken such a rural line before! I thought it was terribly inaka when I was at a station where one lone attendant checked tickets by hand as there were no machines available to do so. But having to leave the train by a different exit? Wow!

  • BlueButterfly

    on Apr 1

    Ahh I use those train often in the countryside, but always listen to the announcement, that´s why I never had a problem. I kind of like those trains, it is very familiar style with just two cars and mostly just a few passanger.

  • helloalissa

    on Apr 2

    Where are you riding that train? We have 'one man' trains here in Fukuoka - Oita Prefectures as well, but our closest station has one IC Card reader and one staff, haha. It feels almost like taking a bus sometimes, but I like them. The ones here are also diesel trains and look vintage with their cloth curtains.