Apr 19, 2019

"Premium Onigiri" vs. Normal Onigiri

At the end of one of my work nights, I walked by the supermarkets and saw their normally 160 yen rice balls getting 50% off. Being 80 yen after discounted, it must be better than the normally 99 yen rice balls, I thought, so I bought a couple for dinner.

The ikura and karaage onigiri looked good. They were sticking out on top so I thought they must have stuffed a satisfying amount within each onigiri, so I had high expectations when I took the first bite.

"Premium Onigiri" vs. Normal Onigiri photo

And boom, after the first bite, all the ikura was gone. I was faced with a sea of plain white rice... THE APPEARANCE WAS JUST A LIE!

If I had paid 160 yen each, I would have been furious.

"Premium Onigiri" vs. Normal Onigiri photo

Not to mention, this hand-wrapped onigiri was really just wrapped in plastic wrap without any of the fancy magic tricks for the seaweed, meaning that the seaweed was super soggy and had no crunch.

Not only were they disappointing, I would prefer a good old 99 yen tuna mayo onigiri over these any day.



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  • ReishiiTravels

    on Apr 19

    I 100% agree with you. The regular onigiri are best!