Apr 27, 2017

Karee-meshi: Instant cup curry and rice

I'm a fan of cup noodles, for their convenience and the taste too. However, having noodles all the time can get boring, so this item of an instant cup curry and rice caught my eyes as it seems to offer a change. I gave it a try, and the result was.... interesting.

This little quick meal is sold for around 200yen, and is available in most supermarkets and convenient stores too. All you need is some hot water and a patience that lasts around 5 minutes before you can dig in.

Open the package, and you can find a block of Japanse curry, some "beef like things", and some rice that looks like space food.

While the curry tastes pretty good after a quick stir, what I couldn't get over with was the space rice. It felt like some air-dried rice that got soaked up with hot water, not in a good way. For a quick meal, it tasted not bad, but if you're looking for some fluffy rice, the instant cup rice option is still not that feasible yet, unfortunately.