Jul 21, 2018

Easy Stamina-don (Garlic Pork on Rice)

If I was to choose my favourite donburi (rice bowls) in Japan, it would be.... Katsudon. However, one that I really grown attached to after I came to Japan is Stamina-don. I had never heard of it before walking by one of the chain restaurants that sell it, and for those who do not know, stamina-don is this rice bowl dish topped with sliced pork that was stir-fried with soy sauce, garlic, green onion, garlic, and garlic. 

Easy Stamina-don (Garlic Pork on Rice) photo

This definitely is not the meal you want to enjoy right before a date, and it got its name because of the POWEEEEER you get from garlic. Being a garlic fan, I love it.

Easy Stamina-don (Garlic Pork on Rice) photo

At Kaldi coffee farm, they started selling this sauce package so you can easily make your own stamina-don at home. All you need to prepare is pork and green onion (or Chinese chives), fry them up in a pan and mix the sauce in. The whole process took about 10 minutes, which is lovely for my hungry stomach. Personally, I like my food with a spicy punch, so I always add some chilli pepper as well. I also like to add a raw egg to the stamina-don (and basically all donburi I eat) so I can mix it in with the rice, making everything even easier to down.

Easy Stamina-don (Garlic Pork on Rice) photo

So how is the taste? Compared to the ones I eat outside (which you can usually find in Tokyo, which is its origin city as far as I know), this home-made one is more on the salty side and the sauce makes the meat not as crispy as I would like, but considering how the package is slightly over a 100 yen and each bowl costs about 400 yen to make (and 650 yen from shops), there is very little to complain about!


  • ReishiiTravels

    on Jul 21

    I have never heard of this dish, but it looks yummy!!

  • Jackson

    on Jul 21

    @ReishiiTravels My favourite chain is 情熱の豚丼. Give it a try when you're in Tokyo!