Jul 21, 2018

My Big Issue with Japanese "Waterfalls"

I can't swim, I don't know how to fish, and in general, I am not a fan of entering bodies of water. However, I love watching water, particularly. ocean waves and waterfalls. Upon arriving to Japan, I quickly learned that the Japanese word for waterfall in Japanese is Taki 滝 so that I can go on trips to look at my favourite natural scenery, but to those who have been on several trips into the nature in this country, you should understand my issue. Waterfalls in Japan are literally and simply water falling, without necessarily any sense of grandiosity that I enjoy from waterfalls.

I come from Canada, and even though I have never visited the huge famous Niagara falls, I have been to my share of waterfalls enough to fall in love with them. Now imagine the first time I got excited when I saw the word waterfall on the map I got from the city hall of the place I just moved to. "Yes! There is a waterfall from a bikable distance (which was about 40 minutes away from my house)". Now imagine my disappointment when I saw that the waterfall was a mere 3 meters free fall...

My Big Issue with Japanese "Waterfalls" photo

This disappointment has already reached the point of irony. If I visit a town and there is a waterfall written on a sign, you know that I will make my way there just to make fun of it. During a recent trip to Gero, I checked out their Kaeru no Taki (the Frog's Waterfall). And without disappointing my expectations of being disappointed, I saw a fall of about 2 meters tall. If I connect a hose from my kitchen sink to the window outside and turn the tap on, I would have more of a waterfall than the one this town advertises about. This particular waterfall, however, did serve me the opportunity to wash my hands.

My joy for waterfalls in Japan has changed from an impressive sight of nature into a chance for satire.



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  • ReishiiTravels

    on Jul 21

    They are tiny!! XD XD

  • edthethe

    on Jul 21

    they do have bigger ones!! hidden amongst the billions of tiny ones that are advertised just as markedly as the larger ones.

  • Jackson

    on Jul 21

    @edthethe yessss I wish they would unrecognized the sad drips of water as waterfalls so the good/real ones get the credit they deserve!