Jan 11, 2019

The Train Door's Open Button

Did you know that there are an open-door and a close-door button on train cars? If not, then it shows you are lucky enough to be living in a place of civilization.

The Train Door's Open Button photo

If you live in the rural, and I mean, RURAL areas of Japan, many train doors do not open upon arriving at the platform until you press the button.

The first time I visited a place like that, I just stood in front of the door like an idiot waiting for the operator to open the door so I could get on. 5 seconds later, the frustrated lady behind me walked in front of me and hit the button. I got on after her, and another lady walked up to close it because the wind was coming into the train.

Little did I know that it was a blessing not to know of the train's open and close buttons.



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