Dec 23, 2017

'Conents' of a Cook Book for 'Biginners'

How some people either ignore or simply are unaware of the power of spell-check continues to amaze me, even when they are professional products on the market.

'Conents' of a Cook Book for 'Biginners' photo

'Conents' of a Cook Book for 'Biginners' photo

I saw this cook book at the bookstore a while ago, titled in huge fonts "HOW TO COOK". When the title font is bigger in English than in Japanese, you'd have a certain expectation of its English as an English speaker. However, disappointment came before I even had to open it, as the subtitle says "Easy, quick, cheap and tasty recipes for BIGINNERS."

Beginners, by the way, is a junior high-school level word. The super-popular AKB48 song "Beginner" was also already realized by that point.

'Conents' of a Cook Book for 'Biginners' photo

When I opened the book and saw the word "CONENTS", I just decided to stop reading and put the book down. That is a word on SO MANY books in Japan. Even if the writer made a mistake, someone at some point SHOULD HAVE caught it. But of course, they didn't, and it was released.I only wish they had their English in smaller fonts so the mistakes would look less stupid.

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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 23

    Haha... yep, but you have to realize that the 'alphabet' part is just to look pretty and not something most people in Japan even pay attention to. Even at that size. You found what I'd call 'bad design.' Super cringe worthy. It's kinda like how when there's something I'm reading with both Japanese and even tiny English, my eyes go towards the English first because I'm more used to reading it.