May 6, 2017

Supermarket fried-rice seasonings

One of the things from supermarket that I often purchase to prepare myself for easy meals at home at the fried-rice seasonings.

With soooooooooooooooooooo many kinds to choose from, you can always try a different pack and explore some new flavours that would make your rice a whole lot more exciting.

Supermarket fried-rice seasonings photo

With only around 100yen per packages and you get 3 packs inside to make three meals, you can imagine the money you can save instead of going out for fried rice.

Supermarket fried-rice seasonings photo

I've tried a good amount of them, and my top 3 are the followings:

1. Garlic fried rice

2. Dry curry fried rice

3. Black pepper garlic fried rice

All you have to do essentially is to add a pack of the seasonings into your rice as you fry them and other ingredients together in the fried pan. Super cheap, super simple, super delicious.