Jan 21, 2017

Japanese McDonald's Curly Fries - Are They Good?

Curly fries are hard to come by in Japan, as the very limited selection of fast food restaurants here mostly sell standard-cut fries or potato wedges. McDonald's started 2017 with a time-limited run of curly fries, available from mid-Jan to early-Feb. So how are these fries? I gave it a try today.

Japanese McDonald's Curly Fries - Are They Good? photo

320yen by itself or add 50yen to upgrade your medium fries that came with the meal, the curly fries are presented to you in a box. The weight is pretty good and holds more than you'd expect. Just remember to ask for the ketchup because they never give that to you in Japan unless requested.

Japanese McDonald's Curly Fries - Are They Good? photo

As someone who likes fries a little bit too much, I was very satisfied with the extra crispiness with these curly fries. The extra flavour and the touch of spiciness put them at a level higher than the normal fries, and unless those chocolate-sauce french fries strange inventions, I'm sure everyone would enjoy these curly creations.

Japanese McDonald's Curly Fries - Are They Good? photo

When you hit a curly-fry with multiple rings, you know you've hit jackpot. Good news is that you can expect multiple jackpots in your box, as mine was full of them!

The cost isn't high but these (very regrettably) won't be around forever. If you miss the North American fast food back home, go get your filling of curly fries before they stop curling!

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  • Jackson

    on Jan 22

    Follow up: I enjoyed it so much that I went back again the next day to get my fill before it's gone!