Jul 26, 2018

The Eco-friendly Temperature

With the recent hot wave hitting Japan, we have been seeing record high temperature everywhere. Places around me have been reaching 39 degrees, which is a number I find bonkers. If I have a fever when I go over 37, how can the place I live in be constantly having a fever!? I am sure no one would argue with me when I make the claim that no one enjoys the heat as it has been lately.

To combat the horrendous temperature and humidity, I have been staying under air-conditioning daily and for almost 24 hours. Be it at work or at home, just being in a room without AC is insufferable regardless of the hour of the day. At the same time, I know that when the electrical bill comes by, it is going to hit me hard. More importantly, when everyone is blasting their AC at max, it only contributes to the issue of global warming that has been affecting the climate of not only Japan, but the whole world. So I tried to turn my AC at least to a higher temperature.

The Eco-friendly Temperature photo

When I got it up to 28, however, I was greeted with a new icon on the remote control that I had never seen before. It said "eco" with a smiley face. I didn't know my remote could smile! But seeing that made me want to test if I would be able to sleep comfortably at 28 degrees, because I wanted to keep that encouraging icon on. I made sure the wind was pointed at me and I had a thin blanket on (to avoid being under the wind directly for the whole night) and sure enough, I had a great night of sleep. The wind was even set to the lowest setting and it was cool enough! With that, I am going to keep my AC at 28 when I sleep, and perhaps even 29 when I feel brave enough.



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