Jan 30, 2019

"Christmas" Caramel Corn

I almost never buy those "season limited" snacks anymore because they bomb way more often than being actually delicious.

At the supermarket, however, I saw that they had this whole bin of Christmas caramel corn. I was interested, mainly because the season is over, so each bag was only 30 yen (compared to the 88 yen of the regular ones).

"Christmas" Caramel Corn photo

The flavour was exactly the same as the original. The only difference is that you can find these mini Christmas trees inside! "That's really cute", I thought, and it is a great idea that does not alter the flavour to something inferior.

"Christmas" Caramel Corn photo

The downside is that the Christmas tree pieces do not have the same crunch as the normal ones because it is flat rather than puffed, proving once again that if their season limited idea is so good, it would not be limited then.